Photograph of Grove City facility

In 1991, Huntington Solutions was founded as Huntington Foam. We became a leading producer of custom shape-molded foam and packaging solutions and were one of the first companies to fully implement the Clear-ViewTM packaging system. We also led the industry in developing the capability to custom produce expanded polypropylene.

How did we get here?

Since 1991, Huntington has cultivated strong relationships with key customers, primarily in the automotive and appliance industries, in strategic locations. In 2005, we expanded internationally into Monterrey, Mexico and have since continued to extend our manufacturing footprint across the continent. We currently operate seven facilities in North America, three of which we have acquired since 2018 to further increase our geographical reach and diversify into new markets.


This is where it all began.


Huntington Foam acquired a new facility in Monterrey, Mexico.


Huntington Foam was acquired by Millstein & Co. (later Mill Point Capital), a private equity firm focusing on control-oriented investments in business services and industrial sectors in the United States.


The company was rebranded as Huntington Solutions with a new logo and began a campaign of expansion, in terms of both geographic reach and technological capabilities.


Huntington Solutions expanded into the Midwest market by acquiring TrimTec Systems, an Ohio-based manufacturer of custom fabricated EPS and industrial packaging solutions founded in 2001.


Huntington Solutions acquired RADVA Corporation, a Virginia-based manufacturer of protective and temperature-sensitive foam packaging solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries founded in 1962. RADVA brought strong cold chain capabilities, as well as the capacity to manufacture Inter-polymers such as ARCEL® to Huntington Solutions.

Later in 2019, Huntington Solutions purchased Texas Foam, a Texas-based manufacturer of customized extended-duration shippers (XDS™) and temperature-sensitive protective foam packaging solutions for the medical, instrumentation, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. This acquisition further expanded Huntington Solutions’s geographic reach, as well as its capabilities in the fast-growing market of temperature-sensitive packaging.

Huntington Solutions now operates facilities in South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, and Mexico with the most advanced technological equipment and quality-control processes in the industry. It serves a wide range of clients from the food and beverage, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, and manufacturing sectors in the United States.