Custom Products & Services

Custom products and services

Lightweight, shock-absorbent, cost-effective, and easy to mold, polystyrene is an extraordinarily versatile material.

We design and produce custom packaging, dunnage, components, and construction materials for a diverse spectrum of industries across the United States.

We have the facilities and talent to find the solution that fits your needs, whether it’s specialized packaging for sensitive electronics, a unique component for a car frame, or molding to bring character to a building.

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Protective Packaging

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Huntington Solutions can custom engineer your packaging solutions and produce computer-cut parts to fit your needs. We have decades of experience using materials and testing options.

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Clear-View® System

Huntington was one of the first companies to fully implement the innovative Clear-View® stretch wrapping system while working with several major appliance manufacturers.

Biotechnology safe packaging

Science and Medical

We design containers for fragile or temperature-sensitive items produced by clients in the medical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural sectors.

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Food and Beverage

We have worked with food and beverage suppliers to create special containers for transporting fish, condiments, alcohol and more.


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Huntington Solutions offers a broad range of custom, heavy-duty, industrial OEM packaging products and related services for clients in a variety of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical, printing, appliance, military, and electronics industries. We produce containerization and custom pallets, returnable and expendable pallets, and rack systems.

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Automotive Dunnage

We design and produce custom dunnage for manufacturers in the automotive industry across the country.

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Components and Shapes

Huntington’s lightweight energy management components provide exceptional strength and energy absorption to help automotive manufacturers meet stringent efficiency, safety, and emissions standards. These components are also found in child car seats, bicycle helmets, and many other products.

Construction Inspirations

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Architectural Foams and Shapes

We make impermeable, durable, and insulated architectural shapes, also known as External Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), such as appliqués, arches, balustrades, bands, brackets and corbels, capitals and bases, chimney details, columns, cornices, and warped columns.

EPS insulation foam

EPS Insulation Foam

Huntington Solutions custom fabricates insulation (GeoFoam) for industrial, commercial, and residential building needs.

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EPS Concrete and Textured Materials

EPS can be coated with different textures and finishes to simulate various finishes and serve as a cost-effective, durable, and attractive alternative to materials such as rocks, bricks, stones, wood, metals, concrete, etc.

Custom Services

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Engineering and Design Services

Our team offers engineering and design services (also known as ePADS®) to take your design from marker-napkin concept to high-quality prototype to beautifully crafted packaging solution. We operate in the most current version of AutoCAD for seamless integration with our CNC machinery and use small, easy-to-manage .DWG files. Our engineering staff has significant experience using AutoCAD for 2-dimensional part layouts and detailed 3-dimensional rendered models.

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Customized Water Jet Cutting

Huntington Solutions operates CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines for repeatable, reliable, and efficient processing of a wide range of materials from soft foams to non-tempered steel.

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