XDS™ Extended Duration Shipping

Food and beverage

Paying too much for next day or air freight shipping?

Our XDS™ Extended Duration Shipping containers are designed to keep products cool for longer shipping durations, offering you more options and greater savings.

Photograph of XDS packaging
Photograph of the XDS 12 shipper box


XDS Extended Duration Shipping containers are made up of an outer box, removable and reusable EPS inner liner, and reusable radiant barrier, all of which are recyclable.


XDS Extended Duration Shippers are test proven to extend product integrity below -7° C for 5 to 12 days.

Cost Savings

XDS Extended Duration Shippers provide up to 75% savings in product cost compared to polyurethane (PUR) or isocyanate containers. XDS Extended Duration Shippers reduce the amount of dry ice needed by up to 50% by weight.

Product Background & Qualifications:

XDS Extended Duration Shippers were developed and tested during a two-year period. During the development two significant improvements were made:

  • Using High Molecular EPS at a high density results in an EPS container that has approximately 40% higher typical properties of EPS, such as stress, compression and shear strength. The durability is unquestionable.
  • A three layer patented Thermal Shield barrier was added, with the XDS Extended Duration Shipper resulting in a 25% increase in temperature duration and stability. In addition, it provides for an intact inner package if the outer package is seriously mishandled.
  • Our XDS Extended Duration Shippers are test proven to retain temperature and product integrity longer than (PUR) polyurethane or isocyanate shippers. In addition, our XDS Extended Duration Shippers are a more economical choice when compared with PUR shippers.

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