Formerly Radva

Formerly Radva


Founded in 1962 by Luther Dickens, RADVA brings with it over 50 years in experience leading the EPS industry. The Virginia-based corporation was acquired by Huntington Solutions in 2019, bringing with it cutting-edge recycling facilities and processes. Its expertise in cold chain packaging and custom manufacturing with Inter-polymers such as ARCEL® served Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike for more than fifty years.


Our facilities in Radford have some of the most sophisticated EPS recycling capabilities in the industry, with state-of-the-art grinders, dedusters and mixing/metering units. We have a firm commitment to environmental stewardship and recycle all excess materials. The Radford site also has multiple molding presses and a tool and die shop – it is fully equipped to produce a complete range of packaging and components.

Our team in Virginia has particular expertise in designing cold chain packaging and offers a range of standard insulated containers off-the-shelf for the food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries. RADVA was also one of the first companies to begin using ARCEL®, an Inter-polymer material used in packaging for extremely sensitive components, and worked for companies such as HP, Canon, American Woodmark, Mitsubishi, and Delphi to develop specialized packaging and dunnage.

RADVA created the popular Expert Prototyping and Design Services (ePADS), a proprietary fabrication system that can quickly produce one-outs or multiples and provides fast, high-quality prototypes and designs. ePADS also offers a limited On-Demand Service to higher-volume customers who commit to an annual contract, guaranteeing them the fastest turnaround. Call for an ePADS® consultation: (540) 731-3749

Photograph of the Radford, VA facility

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